Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Am

I am going to be 19 in a couple months.
I am a female.
I've been to Boston and New York
And lots of other places.
I've been camping with my friends,
And road trips with my family.
I have some of the best friends
And I think I'll keep making more.
I have acted onstage...although I only ever got one line
I know how to play the clarinet.
And I used to love to play around on our organ.
I dance, but I'm not a dancer...Modern dance and clogging for years.
I've tried coloring my hair, but somehow it always go back to red.
I guess the German stubborness even goes to my roots.
I'm 25% French, and I wish I could speak it.
I took Spanish lessons for years, and only remember "hola" and "adios"
Flying by myself was one of the most exciting things.
When I look back, I should have been terrified during it.
I've jumped off a 40ft cliff.
I was not scared until I stepped off the edge.
Shots scare me, but the prospect of dying does not.
I'm in college, and I like it so far.
I was homeschooled most of my life, and instead of being isolated, I made some of my best friends.
I hate being called shy. I view myself as quiet, but not afraid to talk.
I have been in love.
But only once (sorry to the other guys)
I went on my first diet when I was about 9.
I didn't need to diet or lose weight, but I thought I did
I strictly regulated what I ate until about a year ago, and I'm not happy with the changes.
Apple juice is my favorite beverage, iceberg lettuce one of my favorite dinners.
I drink a lot of water too.
I sort of fall in love with some aspect of everyone...the way they smile, their eyes, something.
Sometimes I just need to be alone
And other times I just need to be around people.
I love the rain, I love breezy Summer days.
This is me.
And it's only a small part of me.
There is a lot more.

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